How to pack for your move

Your goods... pack them yourself or let us pack them for you?

Every customer is unique! Every move is unique! Some customers do not mind packing the contents of their home or business themselves. Because of this our movers will only need to load, deliver and unload. However, other customers do not have the time, inclination or ability to pack their own goods. Servaes Services is prepared to pack everything or only certain goods. The choice is yours!

1. Packaging of fragile materials

Most people choose to have their personal belongings and particularly fragile goods wrapped by a professional moving company. Good packaging is crucial for a good move. Usually the customer wraps all non-breakable goods himself and / or leaves the fragile and valuable materials for our packaging services. Our people pack your goods professionally, so the risk of damage is minimized. The content of the packed boxes is insured during transport.

2. Self-packing

If a customer packs their own goods, it is necessary that this is done prior to the actual moving. Should this not be the case, this may lead to delays in implementation. As a result of this late and hasty (read sloppy) packaging by the customer, this can sometimes lead to damage to the goods. The content of self-packed boxes is never insured. When damage occurs it cannot be charged on the moving company.

3. Professional packaging by our services

If you, like many people, are simply too busy with work or other obligations, or even unable to pack, then do not worry... we are happy to help! Depending on the amount, we will send a team of professional packers who either arrive in the morning (at small, local removals) or the day(s) prior to the actual date of removal (for large and / or international removals). On the basis of the site visit (site survey) of one of our representatives or according to your desires, we will provide all the necessary required packing material, packing all your belongings and label packed boxes with the destination. Your only job will be to tell us where we can temporarily store the boxes. It’s as simple as that!

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"Recently, we asked you for a 2nd time to get our company moving in the right direction, and once again we were very pleased with the result. We would happily move with you again.
J. Nelemans - deMENSEN nv"

"As part of the consolidation buildings we moved more than 200 staff. As always, we could count on your perfect services, and it was partly by your professional approach and flexibility we made this project a success.
T. Capelle - Msd"